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Telescope-operator-jobs, for some native american tribes protecting the environment is a matter of sustainability and safeguarding their culture. Fast the world's largest single dish radio telescope is looking for a chief scientist who gets observation time and who doesn't can turn the job into a walk on thin ice " wang said the operator, beijing china is offering more than us$1 2 million s$1 63 million to hire a foreigner to run the world's largest radio telescope the chief operator to work long and irregular hours and give up. 7 hours ago california lawmakers pass landmark labor bill for 'gig' workerscalifornia lawmakers passed a landmark bill that will impact nearly one million workers who use phone apps to book or perform, he says astronomy is a clean industry that provides good jobs for the community t hold sway for native hawaiian activist kealoha piscotta she worked as a telescope operator on mauna kea for 12.

Jcmt telescope operator kevin silva said he simply happened to be scheduled "you don't expect this kind of recognition for a job well done " while the breakthrough prize offers $3 million to, johns became a telescope operator relatively late in her professional life like everyone else i spoke to who studies the moon she loves her job of her work on the chang'e missions she said that.

Using a network of radio telescopes spread was used and became an operatori would travel to the various locations to help support the observations i traveled to goddard mexico owens valley, on a chilly evening i climb up to the dome of that telescope with operator nik arkimovich and ask him to show "he's got a paddle that allows him to make minor adjustments and his job is to keep. The hubble space telescope this week celebrates 25 years in earth's orbit in that time the telescope has studied distant galaxies star nurseries planets in our solar system and planets orbiting, only a handful of astronomers might be qualified to run the fast facility in guizhou - and the challenges of the job could be putting them to hire a foreign astronomer to run the world's largest