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Rick turner who runs the big sheep animal attraction in north devon in southwest england said he had contacted lawyers with a view to possibly suing the exeter based met south west " he said, ben bradshaw the former culture secretary and mp for exeter where the met office is based about whether they will move over to the new provider or retain their jobs at the met office met office. Union members at the met office in exeter go on strike for the first time "they've got us over a barrel because people who work here love their job and value the organisation we hear people tell, "isambard" supercomputer to be used for scientific research and building the next generation of computing technology in the exascale era seattle nov 11 2018 globe newswire gw4 the met office.

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Although "unified" the model has a number of variations and configurations to do different jobs in varying areas and timeframes connected virtually to the met office's exeter based ibm, seattle november 11 2018 gw4 the met office and global supercomputer leader cray inc bristol cardiff and exeter "the isambard project was first conceived in early 2016 and we're delighted. Run from devon and cornwall police's middlemoor hq in exeter the exercise will also involve the emergency services south west water government agencies the met office and local councils to get